Kentucky Yorkie, Shih Tzu & Komondor Dog Breeder

Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers (nicknamed Yorkies) and Shih-Tzus all hail from the Toy dog category and prized by people who want small dogs with oversized temperaments. According to the AKC, Yorkies are extremely popular dogs today, beloved for their combination of fearless spunky, terrier personality and small, portable size. Our Maltese puppies for sale are also known for their small size, and with their beautiful, long hair and keen intelligence the AKC considers them “a popular choice as a companion dog.” If you are interested in a Toy Group breed with a long and distinguished heritage, take a look at our Shih-Tzu puppies. This breed has a royal lineage going all the way back to the Ming Dynasty.

Our Komondor puppies are a little different since they are not from the Toy Group, but from the Working dog category. If you are interested in a larger dog with a loving personality, then the Komondor breed is for you. While you may be familiar with them because of their unusual cord-like coats, the AKC describes the Komondor as a breed known for its “dignity, strength and courage.”

All our dogs, male or female, are registered with the AKC and you have the option of puppies with full or limited registration. Look at some of our male puppies and find one to bring home with you. We are located in Edmonton, Kentucky, and with a quick trip these Maltese puppies, Shih Tzu’s and Yorkies could be riding home in your lap.

All dogs are from champion bloodlines. I sell puppies with full registration and Breeder Pet and with limited registration. We accept Pay Pal, money wires, and cashier’s checks. I don’t ship pets. *I do ship the Komondor